Do I Marry Them Both Or Choose One?


This moniker is for this purpose alone. I am 28 years while my girlfriend is 24, we've been through a lot together, she's okay in her field of work though not that comfortable but she do not request much,she's supportive and caring,she's all I want in a wife. Few years ago I started running business for this lady of 36 years (now),She was married when we started, opened lot of business for her husband,built house for him but he and his family was ungrateful because she couldn't conceive, the husband and his family were treating her like trash to the extent that he connived with his family and got another lady pregnant. Her attention was called to it by friends,the husband and the pregnant lady apologised and she forgave them and accepted her as co-wife, everything was done and she was married into the family. After she put to bed the first wife catered for everything right from hospital bill down to baby's diapers,but this people including the second wife do not appreciate her, after some months the husband went and got another girl pregnant and they became three wives,all being taken care of by the first wife. She receives insults on daily basis from everyone in the family and it got to an extent that accusations begin go round that she wants to poison the guy,the misunderstanding became worst that they no longer cooks and eats together,she later left the main building with nothing except her clothes and other items and started living in dilapidated boys quarter, sleeping on the math,all this she accepted believing that one day,they will all make peace, she's very peaceful and too religious. She was deceived by the husband to pack out and rent out a flat,that he will be visiting till he settles the differences in the family, then she will come back,she agreed and did as he said taking nothing with her. After some months he was not coming as planned and it turned out that she was played,she filed for divorce and left everything for him. I knew about all this but I never interfered or get involved with the dilemma,now after some months people are coming forward to marry her,and most have their eyes on her money. Since we met,I've been handling her business like it's mine, we do have our ups and downs in the business but we always bounce back stronger, her family knows and loves(like) me. Everyone knows that I controls her wealth and started calling me her husband,and now the Truth is that she has developed a deep emotional feelings for me and will do anything I ask her to do,she loves and care for me,she's supportive even towards my girlfriend and now there's a conspiracy going around for me to marry her, if possible marry her along with my girlfriend... Please if you're in this kinda dilemma,how and what will you do? NOTE:MY GIRLFRIEND IS NOT HARD TYPE,WITH EXPLANATION SHE WILL ACCEPT THE ARRANGEMENTS,MY FAMILY WON'T HAVE A SAY CUS THEY CONTRIBUTE ALMOST NOTHING TO MY GROWTH THAN BOTH OF THEM HAS DONE FOR ME THIS YEARS... AND I'M AFRAID SHE MIGHT FALL INTO WRONG HANDS IF I DECLINE THE IDEA OR TO LOOSE MY GIRLFRIEND OR POSSIBLY LOOSING BOTH OF THEM AND END UP WITH A BLOOD SUCKER! I'm confused and I need help. Please I need exposure on this, probably FP pls. #YhurBruhDownDaStreet

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