Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria .Why Are Ladies So Pained ?


Some Guys/ Men Came together to form Stingy Men Association of Nigeria .It's their right ,Their Feelings ,Their Decisions .Why does most Ladies feel so Pained ? When you read some comments made by some Ladies ,You just have uncontrollable Laughter" They are broke ass,They are Poor ,They are Jobless ,They are Lazy bla bla bla .I mean must a Lady depend on a man to Feed Her ,even Bible says women are Support ,if a lady must depend on a man he must be her husband not girl friend or Olosho ,Buy Bone Straight Hair,Human Hair , Clothes,Shoes ,Take her to Eatery to Lavish His money on Her .The Crew of " I need an urgent 2k are not Smillng at all ,How about the " Small girl ,Big god crew" Oloshos,Runs Girls,Talk to one lady today next day is " I have an urgent need . I want to send my account etc .Why are all these set of Ladies Annoyed at SMAN ...Guys are not their father ,for God sake they have a father who is naturally responsible to take care of their needs .There are Skills to learn ,work to do ,Why Turning Pussy to a Company.Work without offering pussies is what can bring you Money With Dignity .Why must you depend on Pussy .Poor guy,Broke ass whatever ,it's there hard earned money they are free to spend it the way they like .There are very Wealthy men that don't Spend money anyhow ,They spend it wisely ,You call those ones Broke ass or Stingy too .I know of a Guy that is well to do ,He takes huge amount to Mother Less baby homes ,You won't see him Wasting money or patronising Harlots ,Woman friend , Prostitutes,Runs Girl , Oloshos,Small girl ,big god types .If you are a woman,Lady of dignity Close your legs ,Go and work or Meet your father to give you capital to open a Business. If you need a man to take up your Responsibility ,Simply go and Marry . Don't be looking for Mugun that you would turn to ATM while you offer Pussy. It's Happening fast in less than 2 Years now ,Many Oloshos ,Runs Girl would begin to have a rethink because men are waking up from their Slumber . Yeah some Single guys might not be able to Hold themselves they must have sex ...The idea of Paying Olosho Heavily ,Dating a Girl friend to pay heavily, patronising Harlots who keeps demanding is reducing ,Guys now Resort to Pay as You go .One sharp guy that just Joined SMAN talked about how he spents about 420k on a Lady without seeing her pant ,now Patronises one Brothel where he just have a short time for just 1k . No Talking too much ,No buying of Clothes ,Shoes ,No sending of Recharge Cards ,No Human hair ,No urgent 2K Rubbish .The guy said the babe neat and Beautiful even more beautiful than the one he wasted 420k on .Well Men this Year 2021,Be wise stop the Wastage on Girl friends ,Oloshos ,Runs Girls, Glamorous ladies ,Nothing is Glamorous it's the same Hole .it's all packaging .Men you have mother's to take care ,You have sisters and brothers to take care ,There are Investment to put your money on ,if you don't even know what to do with money go and buy a Property ,Put Tenants in it ,You get Money Yearly ,Stop Saving money in a hole that would Yield nothing at the end of the Month or Year .If you have urge for sex Sharp sharp look for any Brothel with Clean and Beautiful Girls to ease your Tension .No emotional Manipulation for that ,Infact very Cheap like 1K .They are very Protective self ,No Condom no Sex .If you are ready to Marry then Get serious and Introduce the Lady to your Parent sharp sharp,Don't let the lady hold you for work ooo for years ooo .Just go and pay her dowry marry her the right away then you can start spending on your wife and Children ,No more Stinginess ,No more night out .They are coming for me ,I know them . . Ladies Simply go and learn a Skill ,Start thinking on how to work and Make money ,Keep your pussy where it is till it is time to marry ,Talk to your father if You need Money .Is that too hard for U to do .Haba .

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