Just So You Know 1


Just So You Know.... Series #1 Just so you know... You are not meant to be in darkness as a believer... And who exactly is a believer? A believer of what exactly? Well, read on to find out.. I know sometimes you question the existence of God... If God truly exists, why does He let bad things happen... Someone would say "why did He let my mother die?", "Why would he let all these terrible things happen to me?" Believe me, we've all been through that stage of doubt because of the various storms we face in life... But I'll answer your question... God doesn't let bad things happen... He only gave us the gift of free will... As you are, you can decide to get a gun, go to the market place and shoot anyone you see... Hmm... Yes it's true.. You can... But that doesn't mean that it's the right thing to do... God sees what you planned to do even before you did it but because of free will, He let you do it.. That doesn't make God less powerful...

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