Share Your Experience With Stingy Partners Or Friends.


I have been wanting to share this for about a week but I kept postponing it. However, i got the ginger from athread I read this morning and would also wanna share my experience with a stingy/self centered girl i met recently. Lets call this girl Mary. I met mary late last year when she was job hunting and I saw her as a girl that was serious about her life (considering that she was fresh out of nysc and was new to Lagos), so that got me interested in being her friend. within the week of meeting her, I was already helping her to review her cv, teaching her how to write mails, helped her optimized her LinkedIn, write cover letters, send her job openings, applied for some jobs on her behalf and prepared her for interviews. I must also mention that i helped her sister review her cv too, despite not knowing her personally. I also helped Mary's friend review her cv and i was convinced to charge the friend for it. The friend ended up paying 2,500, and i immediately sent 1k to mary while i used the rest for airtime. I have reviewed cv for alot of people including my friends and complete strangers and i have never collected a dime. So I simply saw these as an opportunity to help a young lady get her first job. Mary stays close to me, so we have hanged out about three times and all were in a public place, of course I was the one doing the little buying. So, it got to a point this girl started indirectly tasking me for money, making up all sorts of stories, some sounded genuine while some were utter lies. I still didnt see it as too much of a deal because she still hadnt gotten a job yet, but the annoying this is seeing a girl complaining of being broke but still have the money to buy sharwama of 1k on a steady. January came and Maru finally got a job that had a basic salary and commission as well. Based on her performance, she earned over 120k as her salary at the end of the month, and i was happy that all the efforts were not in vain. Now considering all the efforts i had put in for this girl, could you believe she never for once did anything to say thank you? Not even 500naira for airtime! In case you are wondering what she did with the money, she had the audacity to tell me that she spent 15k at the tailors shop. Also despite making such amount as a fresh grad, this girl still goes about tasking guys for money. There and then my mind was made up. She passed her boundary when two weeks ago she asked me to review her cousin's cv. I kept telling her i was busy, but when I saw that she wouldnt listen, i stopped picking her calls and stop replying her messages. Its disgraceful how a person with blood and conscience would be so thoughtless and greedy! Share your experience guys

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