Most White People Think Africa Is Slum, My Experience With A Ukrainian Guy.


During our normal 30mins break at work last night, we were gisting about the pandemic and world politics, something lead to another and one guy raised the topic of Africa mismanagement of their natural resources and dependent on western countries for their products. I kept quiet because the guy that raised the topic was a Camerounian but surprisingly, a Ukrainian guy supported him and started talking about mismanagement of resources by African leaders. He mentioned the case of UAE that used her Oil to develop their country but Nigeria mismanage their own resources and are now among the poorest countries in the world. I don't really like our politicians, but I was irritated by the comment poor. I told him that contrary to his comment that Nigeria is actually the richest country in Africa and even twice richer than his country Ukraine by GDP. He doubted me and we all instantly confirmed everything online before he believed. I ended by telling him that we all have our own problem and if his own country is as good as heaven, he wouldn't have come to Germany. I really observe that they underate Africa a lot even all these poor eastern European countries.

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