NIGERIA: A Jalopy With Corrupt Drivers And Stupid Passengers (Masses)


Imagine that Nigeria is a bus, the presidents are its successive drivers and the masses are its passengers. The bus has been left unserviced for years, and as a result, it has turned into a Jalopy because its successive drivers seem to be more occupied with stealing its parts and selling them in the black market to enrich themselves. The passengers can see what the drivers are doing, but they stop at only complaining and mocking the drivers at every opportunity. They seem quite worried about the the deterioration of the bus, but their primary concern is to ensure that the driver of the bus is selected from their section of the bus. They are even ready to reappoint a driver that once stole from the bus as long as the person is from the section of their bus. Some passengers have also developed a habit of puncturing the tires of the bus in order for them to rob, r.ape and beat up their fellow passengers at nightfall. The drivers seem to lack an idea of how to fix the bus before nightfall each time the tires are punctured, and they seem to lack the ability to identify and stop the passengers that are always responsible for the negative activities at nightfall. Everyone is aware that one day the bus will breakdown, and there will be no need for a driver anymore. They also know that at that point, the passengers will have to alight and painstakingly walk to the nearest locations to them with no hope of getting to their desired destinations. As a result, some passengers are agitating to abandon the bus, before it breaks down in order to look for another one that can take them to their destinations. However, successive drivers seem to collude with majority of the passengers to forcefully refuse their requests to alight. A few other passengers has successfully alighted and boarded other buses after they were allowed to ease themselves.

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