My Friend's Life Is Nearly Perished From Lack Of Woman's Knowledge


Mr Asari is my friend. Yes! My friend. The kind of friend that the Biblical Lazarus was to Jesus. At our younger age, he once impregnated a girl and in his effort to abort the child, the lady died. He absconded and I was arrested. It was terrible. I was arrested because I was known to be closer to him than his brothers or sisters or any human beings. We lost touch with each other for about 16yrs. When we eventually reconnected in Abuja after my graduation, it was great. Although the obvious difference in our financial status affected our old bond. Even though we maintain certain level of social call once in a year, we were not who we were.He was far more successful; houses in Abuja, 3 cars, four children and a stable job with a reputable organisation. His take home pay is in 6 digit. In 2019, after our in and out of touch, he called me that we need to see. He sounded urgent. I gave him my house address and we met. IN THE BEGINNING, He narrated his predicament to me: that his life has been chattered. He told me that he has not been or seen his family for 3 years. My eyes began to twitch briefly as soon as I heard his opening confession. He told me that a woman-a widow assisted has ruined his life. His line of job involves traveling every night to the north He continued that, he met this woman who told him that she lost her husband some years earlier and her in-laws made her life a living hell, and that things has been rough for her and her 3 Children-all grown. My friend took pity on her and decided to assist her. My friend is such a person; he hate to see people suffer! He told me how he took responsibility for her everything: accommodation, feeding, clothing, health, bills, everything. And then, intimacy set in. He continued that, one day, the woman told him that she travel to Abuja with him. He said he agreed and both travelled down together and he has to lodge her in a hotel for one week. There was romantic exchange and both of them became inseparable afterwards. He said he became more and more involved in taking all her responsibilities. At a point she dropped her demand: that she would like to relocate to Abuja. My friend said that he couldn't resist any of her demands. He said he had to rent a house of 500k and furnished the house from ceiling to floor. Then she brought her children. Her 2nd and 3rd children were still in secondary school and so he enrolled them immediately under his sponsorship. HOW THE PROBLEM STARTED. He told me that a year after his relationship with the woman, he said he began to look down on his original family. That his wife began to cause trouble for him, accusing him of extramarital affairs. His mother-in-law supported his wife misdemeanor and it resulted to miscarriages of trust, respect, misbehavior and worst of all, antagonism from his children. He said that his neighbours and tenants began to treat him like a riffraff. Eventually, he decided to leave his family behind for his new love. Although he said that he still bears every responsibilities in his original family but he has lost touch with them. Churches and families has tried to resolve the problem between him and his family but to no avail. Bad enough, he said he has had rumours of infidelity from his wife. Now, his new love would not allow him to breath. He told me how his new love bragged about the profile of men he rolled with in Abuja and the state she was resident: how she makes multiple demands, promiscuity, to comparison with other men, to insults and quarrels. Everything. THIS IS WHAT I TOLD HIM When I asked him for what he wants me to do, he toldme that he want to settle her with 1 million naira and bid her farewell, since he was the one that brought her to Abuja. First of all, he is no longer making money. 2ndly, he was almost sacked from his job; because he had accident (on duty) with the company's car and according to the company's policy, you're promptly sacked if you're involved in accident. BUT they spare him , although he was mandated to pay for the damage on the fence he fell and the car that got damaged as well. As such, his full salary has been going into settling the damage. No salary for couple of months now. I told him to come and stay with me. I only have my kid bro with me and I'm still single. But he should eave the house for the woman and her children & never to return again. I also told him that he should have nothing to do with the woman be it call, message, visit, settlement, food, anything. Infact the house rent has expired and the landlord is all over him with calls though. Nice one! Lest I forget, my friend sold all his cars and the other ones he had at car stand and spent it on this woman. Yet she has reported him of negligence to all his known friends and colleagues. She insults my friend's original wife at any slight provocation and yell all manner of craps to his face. Now the guy is looking for where to secure a loan so he can go and service his outstanding (expired) rent. As for me, I've resolved his relationship with his wife although he still stay with me, because he says that he can't stand the shame in his neighbourhood and has decided to let his house and rent another one in another district. They'll be traveling home next month to properly reconcile before his parents, because his parents and pastors and Reverend fathers has tried. My friend has a personage that anyone can reckon with. He's as tough as nails but women usually have their ways on him. Growing up, he has often criticized my lifestyle with women but I guess he has learnt the hard way. He's very kind, compassionate, handsome, and one of the most natural human beings I've known. So, Inspite of the emotional, psychological and physical torture this woman has subjected him to, would it be right if he goes ahead to settle her? The woman is helping herself from other sources including brekete family. Opinion pls. My friend was a simp.

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