Legacy, Which Do You Consider As The Best To Your Kids


Education is the best legacy giving to children have been one of the most popularly recited statement by many as we were going up. But as time passes, it seams that slogan is gaining less recitation due to less conviction by several persons who obviously have different thought views. So, let us quickly highlight their reasons for the contrary opinions in no particular order. Which do you consider as the best legacy to your kids if you're to give them just one with reference to Nigeria? * Education: No doubt education is a key ingredient to the mind development as it allows the opportunity to integrate, adopt & quickly improvise your way around any given situation. But going by the Nigeria factor & the quantity of education rendered, many have questioned it "usefulness" over other area of interest because of high unemployment rate, etc. The common slogan now is "last last school na scam. " Do you agree with that? * Investment/business: Owning a very viable business/investment could mean a lot of financial relief. This is why most persons believe they would have such as a legacy rather than given the best education money can offer. After all, the essence of schooling is to probably get a job and be paid. But on the other hand a poorly managed business/investment could finally bring lack to the child. * Money: "Money they say answers all things" though some persons disagree. Money could mean so much for children as a legacy, at least they won't have to border grinding to make a meaningful living. The argument is that with money the children could always afford to buy every things they need and keep been comfortable. However, a badly managed resources could also bring wants & poverty to them. * Skill acquisition: Getting the right kind of skills could really translate into wealth creation. Hence many would preferably opt for skill acquisition/development especially when it is in high demand. And going by the current wiring of the country labour sector. At least they are guaranteed of steady income as long as their services remained relevant. In conclusion, the notion that education is all you can offer your children as the best legacy is fast becoming a thing of the past. So what do you think?

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