I Was So Embarrassed Today


Was just on my own jeje o. My eleribu friend Mike asked me to join him to go swim at one of this hotel like that in my area. I know say I no sabi swim. In short I have never been to a swimming pool or came close to ever playing in water at any time. I was just feeling mumuish. Then I thought at least let me try and discover a new thing about myself today (costly mistake) Na so o.. We entered the hotel. Got to the pool side. I waited for him (Mike) as he went to sort some stuffs so that we could bath in the pool. Like I said I was just feeling adventurous mumuish I was just smiling at fellow pool goers like someone who picked $100 bill on the street. I even locked eye with a pretty girl in the pool swimming, she gave me a wink sha That was all the motivation. I hurriedly joined my guy at the changing room. Got some nice short on so i be high on confidence... Something gotta kill a man, I muted. Didnt take long before I was close to having my first dip in real water. The feeling was great, though, I had to hide my excitement. I am a man after all. Splash! That was me getting immersed. Still locked eyes with the dam..Slowly.. I had to make this moment count. We grinned at each other.. Could it.. Could it.. Shit, there is a problem with my leg.. My right leg.. Is floating on the water! WTF!! Like for real! All the excitement evaporated and shame took over. And there is no way I could hide because the water was so clear. Ok I don't need to explain further but incase you want to know. My right leg is just so weightless and fecking so thin. I just discovered it floats on water like a fecking paper! My guy Mike was just looking at what's unfolding. Damn! My girl looked away in pitiful solidarity.. Bless her. I just had to pretend for a moment and use my hands to push it down but I was fighting a lost cause because the water wasn't having any of it. Pushes it back to the surface immediately. Was so embarrassed! I knew that was the last time for me ever getting close to a large water body.

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