4 Ways To Know Whether A Child Is Yours Or Not Without Doing DNA Test


“A family will only have peace when the bastard son is yet to grow”. The need to know the true paternity of a baby has continued to rise for both men and women in recent times. Infact, it is always good to be sure that a child is truly yours because all these women of nowadays cannot be fully trusted. A lot of people believe that only the DNA test can determine a baby’s biological father and as a father, we all know how fulfilling it is to have a child. And of course we know how devastating it is to find out that you’ve been taking care of a child that is not yours. However, you might have a doubt in the back of your mind that the baby is not yours and an adage says “a family enjoys tranquility only when the bastard is yet to grew up”. Here are few ways to tell if a child is not yours before taking a paternity test:- 1.) Date of Conception As a father, if you are having doubt that the child is not yours, try and calculate the last time you had sex with the mother of the child before conception. If you can determine this, it will help you to know if the child is yours or not. 2.) Does The Baby Really Look Like You or Another Man If you are doubting if the baby is not yours because the child looks exactly like someone else, then you need to find out if the mother of the child is seeing someone else while you are dating her. If the answer is yes, definitely the child isn’t yours. 3.) Spiritual And Emotional Connection We all know there is always a strong bond between a father and his child. If the child you call yours does not like you or you as a father does not like your child for no reason and there is no connection between you both, my brother that baby is not yours. If you notice any of your adult children is always disobeying you or always doing things that will ruin the name of the family without remorse, question the paternity of that child. He or she might not be your child and that alone could be the reason for his or her actions. Remember, if a bastard son is grown up, the family won’t know peace. 4.) Eye Colour, Hair Colour, Complexion Lastly, if the baby’s eye colour, hair colour, or complexion does not look like his father or father’s family’s own how will a father call that child his own. If after analyzing all the above and you are still having your doubt. Bros, go for a DNA test .

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