How To Make Money Creating Information Product Like E-book, Videos, And Audio


Do you know you can be making some cool cash creating digital products like an e-book, audio and video tutorials? Even if you have a job you can do this part time, especially in your leisure time. You simply carry out some research to find out what people are buying online. And also see which profitable niche you can feature your own knowledge skill and experience. Depending on what you want to create. You can create a video, audio, and e-book. You will simply teach your students that thing you know how to do well. And they will buy your product online. The good thing is that you can use only your phone if you don't have a laptop yet. If you are using the phone you can download Microsoft word from the play store to use in creating your e-book and upload it and start selling it. Imagine if you are selling one copy at N2,000 and you are able to sell 10 copies in a day. In a month you will be smiling to the bank with N600K. This is 20x the salary of some people. But that is not the end creating it is very important but having an automated system that sell it for you while you go about your business is what makes the whole stuff interesting. Not only that, positioning yourself to be able to sell information products matters a lot. I created my first information product in 2018. I couldn't sell a single copy not because it was not valuable but I didn't know the techniques involved in selling information products online. I wasted some money running ads nobody bought a single copy then. But in April 2020 I cracked the code. That was when I made my first sale of my information product. And since then I have made a series of sales of my information products. The last sale I made was yesterday evening. And I tell you, receiving an alert from an information product is very interesting. Let us meet in the next class for more details thanks for reading.

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