2types Of Uncle


™ There are two types of uncles in Nigeria,the I will get back to you uncle. This types of uncles are very stingy No matter the kinda situation you find yourself and call them for assistance,their response is always " I'll get back to you" 600 years later ,they're yet to get back to you,when your wahala don too much ,they'll blacklist your number. What's funny about this type of uncles is that when they later see you after many years ,they'll be the first to accuse you of not reminding about what you asked They'll be like " ahh Pelumi,and you can't call me to remind you about that stuff again,you're trying to be proud niyen abi" In short ,this kinda uncles,shishi,you can't get from them The second types of uncles are the nice ones, this ones are very nice that they're ready to go extra length just to provide for you but they always possess devil[s] with them. These devils come in form of there children. These children will always keep asking that you visit them but when you do, they'll use frustration to drain your life percentage. Those kids always have a demon living inside them and the worst thing is that it is hard to discipline them because of there mother who you're trying hard to please. So I happen to have a nice uncle , and he got two devils living with him .These kids wahala can make devil repent and accept christ as oga patapata at the top. I always avoid going to my uncle's place because of these kids , anytime I need his help, it's either I corner him at his working place or if it has to do with money, I always inform him via handset. But last week Saturday, I suddenly got a call from my uncle. He told me that his wife and his kids were on his neck that he should ask me to visit them on Sunday which was supposed to be valentine. I was already cooking excuse for my uncle not until his wife suddenly snatch the phone from him and started saying how I'm running away from them because I hate them and different kind of blablashitshit. Even the kids were adding fuel to the fire from background . I didn't have a choice but to accept to visit them . I got to their house very early in the morning on Sunday . I was greeted with a l warm welcome, both from the kids and my uncle's wife. They're all delighted to see me, the kids looked like they're more mature than the last time I saw them. I was served a plate of jollof rice and chicken which I ate delightfully even tho the kids didn't let me rest as they kept asking me different type of questions. My uncle is a romantic kinda person and I was sure he was taking her out for a treat. It was a win for me because with none of them around I'll be more freer. It was as if they're not around. I was liking the new them, I couldn't ask for more. If I had known that they've changed , I would have turned my uncle's house to my second house. That was what I was still pondering on in my mind when I heard the gateman opening the gate and a car which I was sure was my uncle's own drove in. The two kids suddenly ran out to the sitting room. " uncle Pelumi " the eldest one called my name smiling. " yes " I replied him smiling. " we want to surprise our mum and dad and we need your help " he said staring at me. " wow, that's good, so how can I be of help " I asked them. " if mummy ask you if you did anything, just reply yes " he replied me. " that one is a small thing " I said smiling. " thank you uncle Pelumi " the youngest said also smiling as they both ran to their room. " Hello house " my uncle said humorously as they both entered the sitting room. " welcome sir " I welcomed them. " baba oko mi " my uncle's wife said smiling . meaning "my in-law" " I got you something for val " she said as she gave me one of the branded bags in her hand. " thank you ma " I appreciated her as I was extremely happy. It was as if she knew that I was suffering from boxer, the only two boxers i have is a disgrace to manhood. The yanch yaf torn beyond patchable. Sometimes before I put them on, I always imagine if Itis the reason I've not been able to get gf, the energy emitting from those boxers is enough to chase my future gfs away. " you're welcome " she said. " let me go and change into something comfy " she said as she exited the sitting room. " so how are you aburo " my uncle said. " I'm fine uncle " I replied him. I suddenly saw his wife coming towards us. " baba oko mi, are you the one who did that thing in my room " she confronted me. " yes, I'm the one " I said boastfully with a smile. " what " she exclaimed. " what's that " my uncle asked. " come and see for yourself " she said as she led my uncle to her room while I followed behind. " what " my uncle exclaimed as we got to the room. " ahh " I also exclaimed on seeing what those devils did. It was right at that moment that I knew that I bleeped up. In front of me was a wire tied across the room and all my uncle's wife pants were hung on them, almost looking like a ribbon. All the pants carried a letter which spelt HAPPY VAL DEAR. I couldn't be more shocked in my life. What was more surprising was that the handwriting was looking mature like adult own. " we told him not to do it oo, but he wouldn't listen " I heard the two devils said in unison behind me. I just stood where I was wishing an aeroplane will just crash into the house and all of us will die. Those kids spoilt my valentine, I didn't even remember to take the package they got me when I left the house. Please who know where they're exchanging kids for tubers of yam, I'm not asking for the reason you're thinking oo, I just want to know ni SaintXto�

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