Why I Closed My Account With Bet9ja


In the past, bet9ja used to be one of the best platform but now, their website is very unsafe and you can lose all money money in your account even if you stop using your account. This is why you should be very careful with them. I funded my bet9ja account with my mastercard 3 days ago and i place bet with the fund and the next thing bet9ja did was to save my card details on their Platform without my permission. I was angry with that because I didn't even knew that my card was saved on their Platform until I login again before I notice it. All effort to remove the saved card prove abortive. I sent them a message about removing my card and i didn't receive any response for almost 48hours. Then I call them on phone about the illegal ways of saving people cards details on their Platform and this are what they told me. This is what the first person that pick the call told me...he said there is no way I can remove my card on bet9ja except I save up to 3 cards on my account and he also advise me to duplicate the same card so that i can remove the card after I save up to 3 cards.... immediately I picked up my card to fund my account 2 different times so as to have 3 cards saved on it. Immediately I funded it with my card, the card was automatically save on their Platform as usual. After that, I tried removing the card again and still not possible. I was more angry and called them again. The second person told me that it was still not possible to remove your card even after saving up to 3 cards in my account. I became angry on the phone and the only thing she could do was to bang the phone on me. I call again and the third person told me that I would have to send a screenshot of my card showing the last six digit of my atm card and also stated why I want to remove it and the payment gateway I used to fund my account and they will response within 48hours. It was so frustrating and annoying hearing this because I never wished to save my card on their platform, they did on theor own and even If wished to save the card on their platform, why must I go through all this stress just to remove it. I call the 4th, 5th and the 6th person and they seem clueless on what to do to remove my card. I told them that, if not for fraudulent intent by you guys, why must you illegally save someone's card without his permission and why can't the person be able to remove the card by himself. Other platform I knew will asked your permission to save your card on their Platform and you can remove it whenever you want to do so. WHY DO I INSIST OF REMOVING MY CARD FROM BET9JA? it is very risky leaving your card on bet9ja because once your card is save on their Platform, you don't need any pin or otpbefore funding your account and with just a click, you can just fund your account even up to 1 million. Imagine if your account was hacked, the hacker can just fund your account with the saved atm card and move the money to his own personal account using customer to customer transfer and finally withdraw the money. We have seen so many cases of something like that and nothing would be done after that and making the owner of the account to lose all his money. Their are lot of reliable betting company nowadays that you can remove your card from their platform to minimise the risk of getting hack and losing all your money with the bookie. If bet9ja can not allow people to remove their cards on their Platform and save people's card without their permission , I guess they are about duping people of their hard earn money. Beware of this before funding your bet9ja's account with your card This make me close my account today to avoid story that touch in the future. Apologies for all errors

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