Ritualist Exhume A Crumpled Hunchback Man Corpse In Delta

source: deltapointer

Deltapointer reports that strange occurrence struck in Obiaruku Delta State today 14th January 2021. AS SUSPECTED RITUALISTS ALLEGEDLY EXHUMED THE CORPSE OF LATE Mr. Godday Azuagholuoku WHO WAS A CRIPPLED HUNCHBACK BEFORE HIS DEATH. The residents of Dafe road, Ekeruche street and Umudike street in Obiaruku the administrative headquarter of Ukwuani LGA woke up this morning 14th of January 2021 to witness a strange occurrence that has never been experienced throughout the history of the community. Deltapointer reports that, Late. Mr. Godday Azuagholuoku was a crippled hunchback that worked as a bicycle repairer during his lifetime, he died sometime in October 2020 and was buried same month according to a family source. This morning, the residents of his compound where he lived all his life and residents of the neighbouring compounds woke up to discover that his graveyard which was outside close to the boundary between his compound and the neighbouring compound was no longer the way it was the night before today, as signs of the grave being touched by unknown persons during the night can be seen. At the entrance of the compound leading to where the grave was, were some spiritual sacrifices which show some sign of oil poured on the ground and something pinned at the centre, but whatever that was pinned at the centre is suspected to have also been removed by the culprits who carried out the atrocity. Some persons who are averse in traditional medicines told Deltapointer that what was pinned on the ground there is known in Ukwuani language as ' ogolodi' (which can cause the entire people within that vicinity to sleep throughout until it is unpinned from the ground), hence, despite the compounds surrounding the grave having many occupants, none of them was able to wake up throughout the night to hear the digging that lasted for not less than 2 hours. As at now, no one knows what exactly that was done to the corpse of the late Mr. Godday, because after the deed was done, the culprits partially covered the grave back. A cyclist in the community, Mr. Igwe Okoli, said said people of the area were this strange occurrence occurred are waiting for the family to know their next line of action, so that they can know exactly what was done to the body of the deceased, whether the entire corpse was removed or some body parts were removed. Why can't the living allow the dead to rest in peace, even in grave?

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