Tunde Thomas: Paternity Fraud Or Cyberbullying??

source: chronicle

I have been following the unfortunate story of Late Tunde Thomas as peddled by a TD Cole Esq with the twitter handle @BolanleCole who claimed the deceased died of cardiac arrest. I am of the opinion and conviction that the allegations by TD Cole that Late Tunde's cardiac arrest was caused by the alleged infidelity of Moyo(his estranged wife) with her boss Adam Nuhu who is the MD of FCMB, her former workplace, is speculative and malicious. First of all, there could be alot of medical conditions, activities and lifestyle which could have resulted into heart attack. At my last check, TD Cole Esq is not the medical doctor, personal physician and psychotherapist of Late Tunde to state as a matter of fact it was the matter raised that was the remote cause of the cardiac arrest which led to Tunde's death. Second of all, in the said thread, he never for once mentioned a divorce suit was instituted or concluded which the issue of disputed paternity was a ground or one of the grounds for divorce. Third of all, as we speak, not one of Late Tunde Thomas family member has stepped forward to corroborate this claims. Fourth of all, not being unmindful that there was no mention of divorce, one can say Late Tunde has moved on beyond such issue(if any) as TD Cole Esq also claimed in his twitter thread the deceased was planning to get married to his mistress which is an obvious damnation of his marital vows and extant laws of our land as that would be bigamy. Fifth of all, he claimed Moyo sought asylum in United States of America on the grounds of threat to life and domestic violence. I am left bewildered why many are disregarding that piece of information. Why should we believe this TD Cole Esq and not Moyo. Moyo sought for the asylum in a society where outlandish claims is not enough to get you what you want. I am of the opinion US authorities granted her request after conducting diligent investigations and established her claims to be true and substantiated. Sixth of all, as a Lawyer, I believe TD Cole Esq should be aware of the position of the Court on disputed paternity in marriage which I believe if there was truly such a case and Late Tunde really wanted those kids back, TD Cole should have given him such legal counsel as the pronouncement of the Court on the said matter is conclusive. I am also of the opinion that Nigerians are being emotive and not logical. I am left wondering why T D Cole's (@BolanleCole) side of the story is taken as the truth and not that of Moyo or the embattled MD who probably is in a state of shock to respond. Yes, I know that many corporate organisations if not all frown at office romance and have strict and punitive policies on it, but I will plead for caution as we are yet to be availed any documentary evidence establishing any or such wrongdoing. I will implore Nigerians to please "calm down" and put the psychology of those two little children into consideration while the mental well being of Moyo Ojo and Adam Nuhu should also be put into consideration as well. Technology has avail anybody with a smart device to orchestrate reputational damage these days and what we are dealing now as seen with many hatchet jobs in the past might be a case of cyber bullying and not paternity fraud. The doctrine of presumption of innocence should be our guiding principle on this subject matter and we all should be properly guided. Deyemi Saka (Lead Partner) Lambert and Curtis.

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