Amnesty For Killers; Bandits, Herdsmen, Militants


Take a good look at the picture attached to this post. That's what should stick to your memory before you comment for or against. The young man here is ACM Bassey Peters, lost his life in the hands of Bandits! Yes same one a governor is budgeting 200m for, same bandits a cleric is calling for a blanket amnesty for, same bandits with access to weapons that the FG can't grant same privilege to lawful citizens to own and protect themselves since they are obviously overwhelmed. Same group of bandits/herdsman/militants that usually get away with whatever they do in this funny country at the passing of a Bill or signing of an executive order. Violence and crime seem to pay well in Nigeria. Bassey is a son, a brother, a friend and a husband to be. All dreams and aspirations to serve his fatherland and someday retire to become a senior citizen cut short. Hours and resources spent in training lost at the flash from the muzzle of a rifle in the hands of a slowpoke. He is no more, and so are others like him. The media gets awash with the statistics such that what we normally hear is A military base attacked by bandits many feared dead, a convoy under ambush by bandits many servicemen reportedly missing. The word many is the blanket word for Bassey and the likes of him. They remain our unsung heroes. I say RIP not just to Bassey who of course is resting but to anyone alive promoting and supporting what led to his death in the first place; politically, religiously or economically. May your smiles get cut short at the peak of laughter.

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