Tubal Blockage -- Does Tubal Patent Test Have Side Effects?


In daily life, because of the physical health problems, female friends always face some special examination and treatment. For the blocked fallopian tubes, tubal patent test is often recommended for females. Some may ask, is there a big side effect when receiving tubal patent test? Actually, tubal patent test is a common surgery with both advantages and disadvantages. Tubal patent test can trace back to 1980s, which is easy to operate. Methylene blue liquid or normal saline is used to inject the uterine cavity from the cervix into the fallopian tube, and then the uterine cavity flows into the fallopian tube from the uterine cavity. Based on the size of the resistance during drug injection and the situation of liquid reflux, the fallopian tube can be determined to be unblocked. However, it can cause many side effects to females with tubal infertility. This method is used to diagnose the degree of fallopian tube patency and treat some minor obstructions. The traditional tubal patent test has many harms, which brings troubles to many patients and often misleads the doctors' judgment. First of all, the misdiagnosis rate is relatively high. After the operation, the specific location of the obstruction cannot be determined, and the severity cannot be determined as well. Moreover, in this rate, the tubal rupture is very likely to occur, which will bring many difficulties to the treatment and harm the health of women. Clinically, it is found that the misdiagnosis rate of tubal patent test is very high, about 50%. It can determine neither the location of fallopian tube obstruction, nor the severity and nature of fallopian tube obstruction, and there is a risk of hemorrhage like ectopic pregnancy. Besides, although tubal patent test is aseptic operation, but because there is a bacterial environment in the vagina. If the anti-inflammatory treatment is not completed after the operation, it is very likely to give rise to infection. Meanwhile, since the tubal patent test will inevitably bring some trauma to the vagina, females may have abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding and other side effects after the operation. You should also notice that because the operation is carried out in an invisible condition, the internal specific situation can not be seen, and many factors can not be judged, which means the help for the treatment is very limited, and the requirements for the operator need to be extremely high. A little carelessness will hurt the patient's body and bring unnecessary painful symptoms. Therefore, if you do need a tubal patent test, you should make sure that it is done in the formal hospital with professionals. Postoperative management should be notices. Sexual intercourse is forbidden within 2 weeks after the operation. Further, take anti-infective drugs after the operation. Occasionally, postoperative abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding may occur, which generally will disappear in 3 to 7 days. See a doctor in time if the bleeding persists for more than 10 days. As you know, the operation is risky, so you need to look before you leap. Luckily, the herbal remedy Fuyan Pill is able to effectively treat blocked fallopian tubes. It is a pure Chinese medicine, which features no side effects or drug resistance. Females can count on it to effectively ameliorate their urogenital health.

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