The Truth To Know About The Word Of God


Texts: Acts 17:10-12; 2 Tim 3:16; 2Tim 2:15. 1. God's Will is God's Word 2. There is Wonder-Working Power in God's Word. 3. Our attitude towards God's Word determines the place He occupies in our daily lives. 4. God's Word is meant to be imported fully into our lives and digested unto righteousness. 5. God's Word has inestimable power and greatest value a man can never imagine. 6. Avoiding God's Word or being shallow in His Word deprives man of immense benefits. 7. The Word of God has creative and transforming power. 8. The measure that the Word prevails in you describes how Christlike you are. 9. The Word of God is to dwell in us richly. 10. The only means God can reach us is through His Word. 11. The Word of God is Christ revealed. 12. To know the Will and Mind of God on any issue is through His Word. 13. It is the Bread of Heaven and food for the hungry in spirit. 14. We succeed in our goals when we set it through God's Word and His Will. 15. The Word of God has creating Power. It gives life. 16. It gives birth to Faith in the believer. 17. It is impregnated with the very Life of God. 18. It is Eternal. 19. It has authority of God and His Righteousness. 20. It is a guidance, when accepted with open mind 21. It is a light and a lamp to our footsteps (Psalm 119:105). 22. It is to be studied by us for God to approve us. 23. Our Quiet time is the God's Word time. 24. It removes dryness and unfruitfulness. 25. Ask those who have good success, their secret is the Word of God (Mathew 6:33). Jesus, the Word and Son of God is calling you today. Repent from your wicked ways and accept Him as your Lord and personal Saviour. Jesus is coming soon. Tomorrow may be too late. 1. I connect to the Wonder-Working Power of God's Word in the name of Jesus. 2. Father, help me to value Your Word more than necessary food in the name of Jesus. 3. Father, help me to understand the inestimable power of Your Word in the name of Jesus. 4. Father, give me the grace to study Your Word daily and be immensely blessed by it in the name of Jesus. Peace!

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