If You Are In Your Twenties Or Have Passed Your Twenties, You Must’ve Noticed


If you are in your twenties or have passed your twenties, you must’ve noticed life moved really fast from 21 to 30 than it actually moved from 15 to 18 year old. When I was fifteen, I just couldn’t wait to turn eighteen. Days crawled on forever and I thought I would never reach this eighteen which held promises of freedom, leaving home, getting into university and probably doing every adult thing I ever had in mind to do. I never knew when eighteen came and before I stopped to take note, I am in my late twenties and within the last two years of being there. And how I got here so fast, I simply have no idea. Perhaps the son of Nebu is not the only one feeling this way and that is why I am sharing this piece with you today. A lot of life changing events and decisions happen in our twenties and this is why time moves really fast. We get into school, some become apprentices, change cities, fall in and out of love, start up stuff and all along the way, our emotions and mindset is going through very deep changes. Oftentimes, this makes us scared, uncomfortable and afraid of the future. This is why we worry so much and given the presence of social media and how some of us use it, you can now understand why it seems our generation is worse off in some way. To be honest, I am not using my twenties to make many long term friends. I am making a handful of long term friends, but not too much. By nature of what I do, I encounter thousands of people annually and I don’t try to befriend them. I try to make one thing clear to all; when you think about Martin Beck Nworah, it won’t be difficult for you to know what I stand for and the ideals I am willing to uphold. I believe twenties is the perfect time to make many temporary people we meet along our way, see us for who we really are and the noble ideals we are willing to uphold. If it makes sense to them, they will always come back in the future and say, “You are an upright person and I need you to do this for me”. In your twenties and maybe early thirties (I’m not there yet anyway), your heart will go through lots of challenges because of broken promises in business, love and career. Those who promised to be there for you may not always come through because life might be tough for them in some way and they may not want to tell you about it. You will slowly begin to understand that being an adult means understanding that sadly, life isn’t always to be seen in white and black. You will fail and fall many times but never give up. Take your time to refresh if need be but don’t give up entirely. Like myself, love dealt me a heavy blow years ago when my trust was broken. I have stayed away from falling in love for a while but I know someday, I sure will fall in love again and when the time comes, I’ll welcome it with open arms. And hopefully by then, I must’ve healed well and be able to trust again. As you grow quickly and understand who you are, keep in mind that others around you are going through a similar process. Do not ask of another, that which you know would be hard for you to do if you were in their position. So here’s a lesson worth sharing with your friends and loved ones today; life is in stages and as you reach each one, I hope you will be equipped to face it. Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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