The Benin Republicans Are Our Brothers O Yorubas!

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I have always listened to my dad tell us the history of our people. From our origin and exit from Mecca during the war in which king Lam'Urudu was killed, while his son Oduduwa (Odu'Adua) had to escape. He had always told us about the movements and journeying of Oduduwa and those who he was able to take along till they came to base in now Osun State. And how his son Akanbi had seven sons, namely: Olowu of Owu Onisabe of Sabe Onipopo of Popo Olubenin of Benin Alaketu of Ketu Orangun of Ila Alaafin of Oyo. Till today, he could tell us about the location of others except the Onisabe of Sabe and the Onipopo of Popo! Whose names we could not tell of till today and their whereabouts, despite wondering what happened to them and where they could be! But as GOD would make it a reality, I logged on to this morning only to be met with the news of Benin Republic making decisions to join Nigeria! And each comment by two naijaworlders, ThatFairGuy and Ideadoctor smacked me to run a search on their comment! And alas! The Onisabe of Sabe and the Onipopo of Popo turned out to be exactly as they commented! The Benin Republicans are our brothers O Yorubas!!! They are the (to us) lost tribes we cannot find out where they had been! Then he remembered that his guardian back then do say he is going to purchase pepper from the Baribas which turns out to be in Benin Republic! This is so amazing to me! I know GOD has something in store for us by bringing us back to unity. Glory to GOD!

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