Understanding The Dynamics Of Crime And Protecting Yourself


There is a saying that goes like this 'you utilize supreme violence to eliminate violence' It’s a code used on the street by gangs, drug dealers, and armed security outfit and also in the military theatre. The only difference with the military theatre is violence is interchanged with superior firepower, then you include based on actionable intelligence. Some may argue that not all are equipped for violent confrontation due to our social behavior, which is very true because the difference between a violent gang member or bandit and a none violent person is the programming. The programming comes unintentionally (via the environment such as growing up in a violent home or environment), and intentionally which is divided into a controlled environment (security and military training) and uncontrolled environment (gang member counting scores, terrorist camp, bandits, cyber crimes). As an outsider, you have the potential to control the environment that controls all the variables mentioned above, with the focus on reducing the time factor associated with the group in the uncontrolled environment... Every civil person avoids crime but the fact is dynamics of crime always tend to move in any direction, getting everyone caught up. In the first of our training on Understanding the dynamics of crime and protecting yourself, you will be engaged in utilizing the time factor in Assessing areas before you rent a house, shop, or even buy land. Assessing travel routes via understanding the terrain and geographical area associated. Detecting misinformation operation and its variables in cyberspace. Utilize tools in conducting research, building database, and engaging strategic consumers of such information. Along with the list of many others that will be of great significance to your safety. Send a message of interest via clicking on the profile name and hit the send message button. 'In the multitude of counselors, there is safety'

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