Street Skating In Lagos, Nigeria

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Here is a great interview , good read. Passion is truly everywhere and passion does not know any limits! Just like Daniel Ogbogu. Daniel is one of only a handful of street skaters from Nigeria. I talked to him about how he found his passion for[url] electric skateboard[/url][url][/url] , the general standing of the sport and his goals for the future. Read the full story below. Hey Daniel, thanks for your time and taking part in the interview. Can you just tell me a little bit about yourself? Yeah sure! My name is Daniel Ogbogu. I'm from Lagos Nigeria, 21 years old and a rollerblading enthusiast. Currently I'm studying at a university in Cotonou, Benìn Republic. When did you start skating and how did you come in contact with rollerskating? I have been skating for about 4 years now. My first contact with rollerblading was at my first year in university. I saw a few guys who skated around the school and I instantly developed an interest. Since then I'm addicted and keep pushing everyday. When you go out skating are you with some friends or are you the only skater in Lagos? There are lots of rollerbladers in Lagos, Nigeria but their perspective towards skating is completely different than mine. My style of skating is more street. I make use of public spaces and turn them into something creative to skate on. It's always a fun experience, exploring the cities architectural designs. Is it hard to find good spots or do you already have a skate park in Lagos ? Unfortunately we don't have a skatepark in Nigeria and skating isn't recognized generally. So the people react kinda negatively when they see you on the street trying to lace a trick or something. The sport is not really accepted yet. How is the general skate scene in Nigeria? The skateboard scene is growing slowly but what about the rollerblade scene? The rollerblading scene is thriving, but due to its unpopularity in Nigeria and mixed reviews from a lot of ignorant citizens, it is still unknown by a lot of people and irrespective of the fact that there are a lot of rollerbladers in Nigeria. Like I said, the sport isn't really recognized at all. So yeah, I'm kinda the only Nigerian who is trying to expose the scene to the whole world by documenting my progress and showcasing it to the world.

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