Which Way Nigeria?!...


[b][/b]Keep applauding yourselves - truth most times in Nigeria isn't found in group ideologies or follow follow crowd mentality ... It's become a personal issue for those who seek it ... A clear conscience needs no applause ... So don't take your back pats as being truths - your views are tainted under political and tribal lines ... Me i have no sentimental affiliations - i hit at all and any tribe as deemed fit ... So keep burying truths and ideals cos its suits your sentiments - the chicken will always come to roost ... Most things i have postulated have already showed up ... I was an ardent Buharist and APC follower but never card-carrying - i am disappointed ... I won't ever wish PDP back as i think they are 100% evil ... None of you have given me superior arguments instead all i see is a parapo patting themselves on the back - and it only goes to show why i dislike all Nigerian ethnicities and most of their ideologies - cover the truth when it suits us or pays our pockets ... Biased and unpatriotic - A forest or farmland plus oil in the South belongs to the 'herders' but southerners pay for land in the North?!... You proscribe Southern groups and label them as terrorist, but sit down and pay off known dissidents and terrorist groups from the North ... I don't believe in IPOB, never have, never will but what you attack Olu for, also flog Ahmadu for same ... I have stayed in all regions of this country and we have beautiful people and bad people alike in them - in all the masses are suffering while a little group continue to pilfer and squander - that's the group most middle class Nigerians and even the masses aim to belong to ... Me I'll always take humanity over any wealth or position - hence our truths might differ ... But as a liberal, your points are well noted ... And for your diaspora talk, i think some of you get wrong notions cos of who they get infos from - I am streets courtesy of what I do and my belief - i see and hear things myself ... Take time and leave your sheltered lives to walk the streets, it'll be a rude awakening to you - it'll shock you ... I walk the streets unknowingly and sometimes knowingly - i speak from a point of knowledge but never allow it to taint my knowledge of good and evil ... I can live with a necessary evil but will never see it as good ... Change we crave for must begin with us being truthful and positive - in true sense and not Nigeria-sense ... A country where when someone says 'Ugo, you need to work smart and not hard' means I should steal/loot funds but try not to get caught ... Mba, I won't as I'll get rich but won't be able to walk the streets without guards ... Then to news clips - the truth and politrickal truths never align most times ... The military didn't shoot, The military shot but blank bullets used, The military shot a few real bullets - These are all truths ... Common sense should tell you the real truth if you weren't there or seen things yourself ... After all the Federal Government shared palliatives in terms of food and cash to the masses - Yes it was truly approved but how many got these items ?!... I've been there and done that, so don't push news clips to me - i understand what gives and what goes on ... I know what's news and whats new ... Ugo Enwereji ...

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