My Vampire Girlfriend Episode 1


*********************** (At Julia's house) Mr Sanders: Julia hurry up!!! you're going to be late for school. Julia: (from her room) Coming Dad! Mrs Sanders: It's almost eight o'clock, I wonder what's she's still doing in her room. Carl: Can't we just leave without her? Mr Sanders: Respect yourself Carl, Julia's your older sister Carl: Well i'm not proud of it! Mrs Sanders: JULIA!!! (Julia comes downstairs) Mr Sanders: Finally! What took you? Julia: I'm sorry Dad, I was trying.... Carl: (Interrupts her).... Trying to fix your face with makeup? Trust me, It's not going to work, you need cosmetic surgery! Julia: Shut up Carl! Carl: Or what? It's not like I'm trying to ridicule you or something, I'm just stating the obvious facts. Mrs Sanders: (angrily) CARL!!! Carl: Sorry mom. Mr Sanders: Let's go, You both don't wanna be late for school. (In the car) Mr Sanders: I hope you're prepared Julia, its your first semester in High school. Julia: I am Dad. Mr Sanders: That's good, this time, I want you to make all A's in all your subjects. Julia: I will Dad, I only failed Italian last semester because I was really busy to study it Mr Sanders: We'll there won't be any excuses this time cause you're gonna have all the free time you can get. (Mr Sanders drops off Carl at Dishville middle school and goes to drop off Julia at Dishville High) Mr Sanders: Take care of yourself honey. Julia: I will dad. ********************** (At Dishville High) Abbey: (excitedly) Julia!!! Julia: Abbey! (They rush to embrace each other) Abbey: How've you been? Julia: I'm doing okay, I've really missed you. Abbey: So did I Julia: Its a new semester in High School, I have to be more serious and dedicated with my education. Abbey: You sure about that? (Abbey points down the hallway and they see Thorn, Julia's boyfriend, walking towards them) Abbey: (hits Julia's shoulder excitedly) Here he comes, Here he comes, Here he comes!!!! Julia: Okay I get it! (Thorn approaches them) Thorn: (To Julia) Hey babe Julia: Thorn.... hi, I was just.... (Thorn pulls Julia into a kiss) Abbey: Awwnnn (Julia breaks the kiss) Thorn: What's wrong babe? Julia: Its nothing, it's just that it's too early for this, Don't you think? Thorn: No I don't Julia: Maybe we should just reduce our intimacy for now. Thorn: So you'd rather talk to me than kiss me. Julia: Yes. Thorn: Okay, See you in physics class. (he leaves them) Abbey: Dude! Julia: What? Abbey: You totally blew him off! Julia: He's Thorn, he'll get over it. ********************** (In Physics Class) Julia: Wow, our new classroom is huge Vanessa: Yea, And atleast this class has more ventilation and it won't stink like it did when we we're still in middle school because it had you in it. Julia: And what exactly are you implying,Vanessa? Vanessa: The class stink because you stink! (she giggles and goes to her seat) Abbey: Just ignore her. Julia: (angrily) Ugh! I hate her, I thought she wasn't going to show her face here again. Abbey: Well the school she applied for for that foreign exchange program rejected her so if I were her, I'd be frustrated too. (A middle aged man enters the classroom) Man: Settle down class. (The whole class takes their seat just as a new student named Hunter enters the classroom) Man: Good morning class, I'm Doctor Xavier, I'll be taking you in most of your sciences but before our first class, Meet your new classmate... Hunter: Hey, I'm Hunter. Abbey: (Quietly, To Julia) Isn't he cute? Julia: Shhhh! I'm still with Thorn, Remember? Dr Xavier: He applied for the foreign exchange program in Australia and got transferred to Dishville high (To Hunter) Take a seat. (Hunter attempts to sit down but Vanessa blocks the chair) Vanessa: This chair's reserved for my friend, Go find somewhere else to sit! Julia: (To Hunter) Come! There's a seat right here (Hunter goes to sit beside Julia and Abbey) Hunter: Thanks Julia: You're welcome, I'm Julia. ********************** (At Dishville middle school) Griffin: Hey freak! Carl: (sighs) What do you want? Lionel: We want you to take care of your maths homework, Everybody says you're a walking calculator Carl: I'm not a walking calculator! Tony: Nobody cares, Just take our homework from our bags and do it, You'd better be done by tomorrow. Carl: I'm not helping any of you, Do the homework yourselves! Lionel: Ohhh is that so? Then we're gonna teach you a lesson (cracks his knuckles) Tony: Get Him!!! (Griffin, Lionel and Tony beats up Carl) Griffin: ARE YOU GOING TO DO OUR HOMEWORK?? Carl: NO!!! Griffin: Beat the hell outta him! (A young girl named Nadine  intervenes) Nadine: Enough! If you three don't leave him alone, I'm going to tell Mrs Gloria that you all cheated in her test this morning. Griffin: Yea we cheated, So what? Besides you don't have any proof? Nadine: (smiles) Oh really? Griffin: (To Lionel and Tony) Leave the boy, Let's go disturb somebody else. (When Griffin, Tony and Lionel leaves, Nadine helps Carl up to his feet) Nadine: You okay? Carl: Yes, Thanks. Nadine: Don't mention, Just stay clear of them and ignore them if possible. Carl: You're Nadine right? The new transfer student. Nadine: Yea I am (The bell rings) Nadine: Oops, It's lunchtime, I need to head off to the cafeteria Carl: I'm heading there too, I could escort you. Nadine: Okay ************************ (At Dishville high) Abbey: What'll you be having for lunch? Hunter: Pudding Abbey: Okay, How about you Julia? Julia: A burger would be fine. (Abbey, Hunter and Julia go to take their lunch) Abbey: Where're you going, won't you sit with us? Julia: Nahhh, I'm gonna go sit with Thorn Abbey: Okay (Julia goes to Thorn's table and sees him with Vanessa, holding hands) Julia: (angrily) Thorn!

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