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ABOUT HOUSE OF CERTIFICATIONS HOC is dedicated to those that have some/many educational and/or academic issues, needs, problems, or queries graduating with their desired degree certificates or qualifications. At HOC, we want to lend you a helping hand in recovering or restoring your educational dignity and qualifications to the way you ever wanted it. THE FOLLOWING SET OF PEOPLE ARE OUR PRIORITY: 1. You started your academic journey in a higher/tertiary (post-secondary) institution but failed one way or the other to complete your educational/research program without graduating with a degree (BSc, BA, MBA, MSc, PhD, etc) certificate... and now you want to get it. 2. You dropped out of school due to many circumstances but you have now decided to further your education and graduate with your degree certificate. 3. You have an Advanced Diploma, Higher Diploma, Higher National Diploma, or Professional Qualifications and wish to convert it to an accredited and recognized Bachelor Degree. 4. You have been working for the past 5 years in a particular field, designation or you have over 10 years cognate work experience but you have no qualifications/certifications to show for it, then you are in the right place. 4. You had all your academic credentials and qualifications, but you lost all or some due to natural disaster, fire outbreak, theft, mishandling and other social vices and unforeseen circumstances, you are in the right place to restore your qualifications and certificates. 5. Do you have other reasons for enrolling for professional and/or academic programs/courses; getting, recovering, or restoring your full degree package and qualifications? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? We are global educational consultants, and we specialize in restoring, recovering, certifying, and re-certifying you as a graduate with your desired degree or professional qualifications. We work with private and public universities in Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and Australia. So, you are 100% safe, secured, and protected. FAQs: Q: What do I need to do to get my degree or professional qualifications restored, retrieved, recovered, or re-certified? A: You will have to go through some or a series of academic testing which could vary depending on your educational and professional status. You might be required to write a research project, a detailed report, take examinations, interviews, group discussions and assessment, presentation, etc. Q: Can I retrieve/restore or earn my degree from my alma mater? A: Yes! If we have a working relationship with your alma mater. The next option is to get your degree or professional qualification from an accredited, legal, and recognized university anywhere in the world. ONLY INTERESTED CANDIDATE SHOULD CONTACT US: and join our Facebook Group @hocert ()

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