3 Points Of Bedroom Lighting Design

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The lighting of the bedroom will affect people’s mood and sleep quality to a certain extent, so how to choose the lighting when decorating the bedroom? To be soft Lamp selection When installing the bedroom lighting, the LED light should be installed in a location where the light is not glaring. It is better to use overhead lights such as light strips. The color of the bedroom light source should be as soft as possible. When choosing bedside lights, it will be good if it can create a kind of romantic and warm feeling. All in all, the design should consider quiet, romantic, and comfortable principles. Lighting in each area Many people like to lean on the bed to read before going to bed, so table lamps or wall lamps are necessary. The characteristics of the table lamp are movable, flexible, and it looks more like a work of art. However, the wall lamp can soften the light through the reflected light of the wall, but its lighting is limited to the bedside position. It is not recommended to install any lamps directly above the bed, including ceiling chandeliers and LED downlights. Why? Because for people who have the reading habit before going to bed, no matter how good the anti-glare is, the direct downward-emitting lamps will cause irritation to the eyes, bringing a sense of threats and oppression. So, it is necessary to avoid such lamp position design. All in all, the bedroom is the place closest to people and life in the entire home improvement space, and it is also the area where people stay the longest. People need a quiet and comfortable environment. When it comes to the bedroom decoration, you should try to maintain the unity of the bedroom function. Bedrooms with simpler functions are less likely to be disturbed, and it will comfort greatly improve comfort.

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