Never To Be Caught Heartbroken


Yes I admit I was once in love with you I admit that I found joy in knowing I was yours I admit I once planned a future with you in the midst of everything good I admit that I oncene thought that the love that brought us together was going to see us through. I know I once believed that we could go one step better than Romeo and Juliet I know I once told you we could play Titanic without your your Jack dying I know I once believed together we could go through the world unscathed And share our love story to everyone Willing to listen. Now everything I believed has been thrown in the mud, The days I thought could have been has been jeopardize by one stupid act of yours But don't ever think I'll get sad and moody over your intentional wrongs I'm a man who has much love to give, and you will never catch me heartbroken bitch.

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