How To Sleep Better With Arthritis


Painsomnia-the inability to sleep due to pain-this is a major problem  for people with arthritis. A good number of people with osteoarthritis  or other inflammatory types of arthritis have trouble falling and/or  staying asleep. Pain and stiffness that is tolerable during the day may prevent you  from getting good sleep at night. This is bad news, because poor sleep  can cause pain to be worse—creating a frustrating cycle of pain and  poor sleep. If pain and stiffness are keeping you up, try these steps: 1.USE HEAT THERAPY BEFORE BED Place a heating pad or a hot towel for 15 to 20 minute on a troubled  joint before bed. You could also try a hot bath for the same  effect-just give your body a little time to cool afterwards, because  falling asleep when you are overheated could be difficult. 2. CONSIDER YOUR MATTRESS A good mattress can make a huge difference in your level of comfort  and support as you sleep. Your mattress should be supportive but not  too hard, try; grandeur. If you cannot invest in a new mattress  right now, try a topper. 3. USE PILLOW STRATEGICALLY How you use pillows can be as important as your choice of mattress. If  you have hip or knee arthritis and sleep on your side, you may benefit  from having a pillow between your knees. If you have shoulder  arthritis you are most comfortable using a wedge pillow and sleeping  on your back. 4.    EXERCISE AND STRETCH Contrary to popular belief, exercise does  not make arthritis pain worse, instead regular exercise tends to  decrease joint pain and help maintain joints motion. 5. MANAGE YOUR JOINT PAIN Arrange your medication schedule so it  provides peak relief around the time you want to get to bed. Avoid  activities in the evening that cause flare-ups of arthritis pain. 6. ICE IT UP When joints are swollen, apply ice. This can be soothing and can  relieve inflammation. 7. SLEEP WITH A LEG REST Sleeping with a leg rest can be very helpful, prop your leg on them to  alleviate pressure on your joints while you sleep.

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