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BADDEST GIRL (Innocent Strippers) ��Baddest girl�� (Innocent stripper�) ©Promise Ekeh �Not edited� �Synopsis� Kiera and Sierra were both twins. Kiera graduated as a computer scientist while sierra graduate as a professional doctor. But the problem is, since three years of graduation they are still unemployed. They were the only child of their parent. Kiera was a troublesome person, hot and sassy doesn’t fear anybody, she says whatever came to her mind. She do things on her own. Sierra is the quiet type, she barely talk, she was beautiful, only her character will make anyone to differentiate them. Kiera can be troublesome but she doesn’t joke with her twin sister Sierra. There father was late, they only have there poor mother to take care of there needs. It all turn around when Sierra was diagnosed of hepatitis B, they have no money for the treatment to cur this deadly disease. What will be her action? Find out in this drama of the BADDEST GIRL (Innocent striper) EXTRACT from the story. “Kiera please stop am fine okay? Stop causing trouble” Sierra said and walk inside the house angrily. “Sierra, Sierra are you okay? Sierra!! ” Kiera yelled but there was no body movement of Sierra. “Doctor tell me is my daughter okay? Mrs Brown (the twins mother) asked the doctor. “Her condition is deadly ma’am ” the doctor said. “Hepatitis B? Kiera yelled out of shock. “Are you ready Kiera? Nicole asked. “I will do it”. Danny Marvin is a stinky rich young man in his twenties. He is a full time business man, very reserve. But then the reserve cute nigga cross path with the troublesome Kiera. What will happen? Find out in the story. THE BADDEST GIRL (Innocent stripper) By Promzy Davis Baddest girl (Innocent stripper) ©PROMISE DAVIS MAUREEN Not edited (Get da f**k off) Episode one Kierra and her twin sister sierra are at it again. They stroll around the street of Texas searching for work in the companies around. Of all the companies they have checked out none of em need an employee. Sierra checked almost all the hospital in Texas but none was in need of a doctor. They got to there last hope of the day hoping for a positive result. Kierra POV It is summer season,the heat was too much. The degree of the weather forecast is higher than expected. On this particular day I and my twin sister sierra decided to try our luck by going around with our CV searching for jobs. Sierra who studied medicine in school have resort to searching for any job available even if it’s not an hospital job. Of all the companies we went to ,none want us. Our last hope now is “DM CORPORATION”. Though we were not Accepted in the other companies around we have 40%chance of getting employed here. DM CORPORATION is a big company owned by Danny Marvin(DM). Folks are still wondering how a man in her early twenties can be so fucking rich. The company have its branches all over the planet,Africa included. If I and my sister gets employed here we will never know poverty again. I just said a silent prayer hoping for the best result. “Kierra let go inside and try our luck” Sierra said and I nodded. We got inside the company and meet the receptionist at the down floor. “Yes how may I help you? She asked rudely. “Sorry for disturbing you miss,we just wanna know if you guys need new employees here. We are searching for job” Sierra said and the girl scoffed. “Sorry to burst your bubble ,we are don’t need new employees here” she said glaring at us. I was getting pissed off,my temper is growing outta hands I couldn’t control myself. “Hey bitch,what are you exactly? You are just an ordinary receptionist,you have no right to tell us that you guys need no employees. That is the work of the secretary cuz am sure your boss can’t it. ” I said angrily. “We don’t entertain psychos here,get out of here with your tattered clothes” she said and I flare up immediately. Yes we are poor and couldn’t afford a nice wear but she ghat no right to tell us about it. I was about to reply her when sierra hold my hand and started dragging me out of the place. “Wait lemme reply this d**krider and put her in her place” I demanded. “Stop causing troubles okay,she is right anyway” she replied immediately we got outside. “Wait are you blaming me? Cuz the last time I checked she started the whole fuse” I said She left me there and continue walking,we got home and I walked pass her angrily. “Kierra are you okay? Mom asked. “I wonder how i have a softie as a twin” I said and hissed. “Sierra? Mom called “Please mom am tired the day way do hectic” she said and went inside our room. Our house was. located at the slum area of Texas. We were occupying just two bedrooms,one for mom and the other for sierra and I. Life has been so unfair to us,we strived to. survive each passing day we hoped for a better future but it seems like there is no better future. I layed on our bed thinking. Danny POV “Nicola is it your job to choose an employee in my company? I asked the receptionist. I already saw everything from my computer,though they are quiet sticky in eyes but Nicola was harsh on them. “Am sorry sir,it won’t happen again” she begged. “Whatever,call Mary for me while leaving” I said and concentrate on my computer. I stood up from my chair and look out of the window,enjoying the view of Texas. It surprises me that I don’t feel anything for any girl no matter how they throw themselves on me. It just amuse me,I never get turn on even if a girl is stark naked in front of me. What the fvck is that?

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