5 Mistakes People Make In Their 20s That Guarantee They Will Have A Hard Life.


1. Falling into an addiction: An addiction is just a way of making a hard life even harder. It takes your time and all your attention from the things that really matter. 2. Imitation: Imitation kills creativity. It leaves you empty and confused, wondering where all your time went. 3. Not giving your all to something: A life lived casually is full of casual results. If you don't learn to give your 100% to things, you'll end up being average and mediocre. 4. Lacking self control: Nothing disrupts a life than having a child when you are not ready. Being responsible for another human being is a serious business. It should never fall on you by mistake. 5. Not believing in yourself: Life is full of challenges, failures and doubters. Your faith in yourself will be put to test several times. If you don't have a solid belief in yourself, you'll fall. Copied but thanks for reading...have a lovely weekend!

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