Covid 19 Is A Well Planned Fake Scamdemic Lierus


You all who believe in Covid 19 can call me a conspiracy theorist but if you think i give a damn, think again. Recently someone sent me a book, written in 1989 that talks about the New World Order plans to deceive and take total control of the world using the so called corona virus hoax. If you are one of those that believe in this mass Hypnotic Deception, ask yourself these questions. �� Why should everyone take the poisonous Covid_19 vaccines if they claim that you can still get the virus after taking it ? �� How come many people who have taken the vaccines are coming down with bells palsy ?. Yet they claim that they didn't get it from the vaccines. But those people never had such occurrence in the past until they allowed that poison to be injected into them. Why ? �� Why do people still believe in the useless PCR testing methods, even after the tests are only 30% accurate ?. �� Why does the corrupt WHO not discuss the fact that pawpaw, engine oil, yam, tomato, super glue, kiwi fruit, toothpaste etc were all tested with the useless PCR testing methods and the results came back positive. WHO is deceiving Who ? �� Ebola, Zika etc are much more dangerous, yet no one made the vaccines mandatory, why ? �� Why are countries that are 100 % mask compliant, the most infected with the LIErus ? �� How come they tell you to socially distance yourself when you are in public but you can do as you please as long you are protesting against Trump or any other protests in the world ? �� Why is no one questioning the past activities of Pfizer, knowing the fact that, they have killed so many people in different parts of the world with their evil vaccines ? �� How come 90% of certificates in hospitals already carry the covid label ? �� How come nobody is talking about other diseases this period such as malaria, typhoid etc or are other diseases scared of corona virus and have suddenly disappeared ? Hey TruthWords hold it right there, what about us that suffered from Covid_19 and just recovered from it. Is that not a sign that covid is real ? WHAT EVER YOU SUFFERED FROM IS DEFINITELY NOT CORONA VIRUS, THEY JUST NEED YOU TO MAKE UP THE NUMBERS AND THOSE THAT DIED THIS PERIOD OF COVID DIED OF OTHER CAUSES, STOP BEING DECEIVED BY THE SATANIC MAINSTREAM MEDIA Why are the so called Big tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc blocking the accounts of people who are not hypnotised enough to believe this hogwash called Covid_19 ? Take a good look at the pictures below. This is a portion from a book written as far back as 1989 showing what they plan to do with the Corona SCAMdemic. Some people are so deceived that you have to beat them up to wake them up. This reminds me of the movie "They Live", where a man had to vigorously fight his best friend for minutes just to put a special glass on him that finally opened his eyes to see the true situation around him. ( You People should check out that movie), its simply describes the world we live in. If you let yourself take the poisonous Covid_19 vaccines, "HAD I KNOWN, WILL BE YOUR SECOND NAME" Don't follow the mainstream crowd into hell, pull out and THINK FOR YOURSELF.

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