A Tale Of A Young Russian Kid


Over in Russia back, I forget the year. There was a village church and this priest wanted to increase Church attendance. So what he did was he started offering candy to all of the children. So obviously, you know, you give kids candy, they come back. The church membership grew but there was this is one particular kid that actually succeeded pretty good. He would get up and he would give Scripture memorization and get his candy and then he would just run out of the church and go out to the field, unwraps it as kids would want to do and just munch on the candy. This little kid actually got really good at memorizing the Scripture to the point where the priest actually was like you might be something special. Why don't you come and join the church school and we will teach you the Bible, the Scriptures and we'll teach you religion. And so the kid liked the idea, and so was the parents. The kid was like, you know what, it's better than doing the chores that I'm told to do(as kids despise doing). So the kid joined the church school and actually begin to memorize the gospels and was able to memorize the entire four gospels of the new testament, which is a pretty good feet and was able to recite those month-to-month in the church where he attended. And it came to pass this young person grew into a young man and became a big politician in the Russian government. His name was Nikita Khrushchev. He was one of the famous communist czars that was a devout atheist. And he said he did not believe in a God that he couldn't see because his cosmonauts did not see God whenever they landed on the moon. Now think about the story of this fella that may have memorized everything and had all the verses, you know, in perfect category and so forth, but he never changed. Now what am I trying to say? An artificial reason or stimulant to do things creates an artificial result or product. It's no good for you and I to know all the Scripture, but with the thought of it being reprobate because we just knew it in our heads, and not in our hearts. You have your faith reprobate in the sense of it was an outward show. Even the devil believes and tremble because he only believes with his head, not his heart (James 2:19 kjv). You better examine yourself, and check your salvation.

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