No To Suicide Movement


It is difficult to imagine what led a friend, family member or even a celebrity to commit suicide. There may have been no clear warning signs and you may wonder what clues you might have missed. Most times, we could have helped to prevent a suicide from occurring but we never took it serious and we are never ready to help people around us who are seriously battling with one challenge or the other. In this new year 2021, the cases of attempted and successful suicides recorded are becoming so alarming and we need to stand up and do something because before we know it, our best friend or family member might take his or her life too. Let me quickly share with us some reasons why people commit suicide: There are many factors that can influence a person's decision to commit suicide but the most common one is DEPRESSION. Honestly speaking, depression can make people feel great emotional pain and loss of hope, making them unable to see another way to relieve the pain other than ending their own lives. Another cause of stress is TRAUMATIC STRESS. A person who has had a traumatic experience, including childhood sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse or war trauma is at a greater risk for suicide even many years after the trauma. FEAR OR FEAR OF LOSS can also trigger a person to decide to take his or her life. These situations can include and not limited to: - Academic failure - Bullying - financial problems - End of close friendship - End of Romantic Relationship - Job loss - Being arrested or imprisoned - Body Shaming or Humiliation - Loss of friends or family members. - Loss of social status etc. Another reason people commit suicide is HOPELESSNESS. Hopelessness, either in the short-term or as a longer-lasting trait has been found in many studies to contribute to the decision to commit suicide. The person may be facing a social or physical challenge and may see no way the situation can improve. There are other countless of reasons why people commit suicide. The reason for creating this thread is to start a movement tagged "NO TO SUICIDE MOVEMENT (Help save a life)". Different people around you are facing different problems but they've got no one to talk to and it's killing them emotionally. Some don't have money to feed and do some other essential things but they can't say it out because of the fear that people might mock them. With the little time you have, you can help talk to someone today and you will save a life. With the small amount of money you have at the moment, you can help a life and stop someone from committing suicide today. What are you waiting for? If you want to help a life either by your or resource please message the phone number on my signature. If you seriously need to talk to someone but you don't know how to go about it, please message the number on my signature. Your problems shall be kept private and you might get the best solution today. Please, help save a life (NO TO SUICIDE MOVEMENT) You can also help by making this post go viral through your REPLY, LIKE & SHARE. I hope any naijaworld Mods can move this to the FP.

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