Eastern Security Network Personnels Are Terrorists


A fugitive called Nnamdi Kanu created a terrorist group called Eastern security network under the umbrella of Ipob( the main terrorist organization) The Nigerian government has already designated the group as a terrorist organization and will do everything in their might to flush out the group. If you see the tactics of the group, they are already using boko haram tactics to scare off igbo people that are against them. For instance, they threatened and kill those who are against them thereby silencing opposition. It is no news, that many organizations in the east are already being infiltrated with people who have ties with IPOB, this is dangerous for those who oppose them. Many of these opposition are threatened and silenced to submission with threat of being thrown out of the market or threat to their families. The terrorist group Ipob is already using boko haram tactics to force the igbo populace into submission. If these terrorists group are not flush out by igbo people and the Nigerian government, soon our high ways will be filled up with ipob terrorists robbing and kidnapping law abiding igbos.

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