The Greatest Room In The World Is The Room Of Self-improvement.


John was allowed to lead a prayer meeting when it was exactly 6 p.m.He rang the bell for the audience to stand up and sit for the commencement of the prayers. John began to read the request and at intervals, was backing up the request with a little conversation until he read all the prayer requests, and asked God to answer every bit of them. After the reading of the request, it was time for John to say some words before the beckoning of the audience to come to the altar to pray. John began to speak with authority. He was speaking using oratory skills, like that of William Shakespeare's, making use of grammar like the ones being used by Wole Soyinka. He was expressing his thoughts just like Paul the apostle the anointed sage on the mass of Athens. He was also quoting scriptures, just like Apollos the eloquent man from Alexandria in Egypt. After all his conversations, the people were asked to come and pray till the bell was finally ringed at Exactly 7 p.m. After the meeting, John just left the Gathering and was heading towards home when he saw a woman coming out, and he greeted her good evening mama and the woman answered, John, thank you for today may God keep you, and I will be expecting more from you in subsequent time. John smiled and they both parted ways. John was happy that all his investments were not in Vain at least it paid off. What am I trying to insulate from this story I have just illustrated? John was prepared, he improved and developed himself, and when the opportunity came, to lead he performed extraordinarily. Keep getting information, keep improving yourself everyday bed information of yesterday, will not be applicable to meet the challenges of the modern world because it is already antiquated, Now Obsolete, and irrelevant. Always stay updated, add value to the lives of people, make yourself prepared to read, study effectively and when you are allowed to be on stage, do not take it lightly, and make sure you bring out the very best to the glory of God. ©Amadu Isaac (2021)

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