My Holiday Trips And My Observations About Nigerians


During the festive holidays, I decided to tour a little bit. My wife and I started the little tour by visiting my parents on the 23 of December and ended up visiting my grand mother at Okunmo. A lot of people don't know this little villages cuz well, they don't matter but visiting Okunmo for the second time ever in my life, I noticed a few things that can never be found in cities and towns. Driving through the village, first thing I noticed was how everyone carefully swept the front of their homes. Now that reminded me of a proverb that says if everyone sweeps the front of their homes, the whole world will be clean! The quietness and orderliness was second to none. And as soon as I parked in front of my grandparent's house, people started coming in from left to right. Greeting us and welcoming us to the village. It was "love at first sight" even though my grandma thought half of the people that came to say hi were witches, I still couldn't help but notice the smile on their faces and the thank you we got from the old men when we give them some change. Then we left after a few hours, well not after my grandma made sure she stock our bags with fishes, fruits and every other things she could find... After another day at my parent's house, we decided it was time to say goodbye. We left Ore on 27 and headed straight to Ibadan. Another grandparent's home. This time, my wife's. Her grand father is a pastor and I have to say that if I had known what kinda church he runs, I'd have stayed back. One very unique thing about Ibadan people is their language, it somehow makes the most educated of them sound like a stack illiterate. I mean my wife's grandpa is educated to a reasonable extent but when he talks, you just feel like he's someone that hasn't seen the four walls of a school before. Sometimes I felt like I'm a character in one of those nollywood village yoruba movies. I mean how else will you describe finding yourself in a community where you don't hear a single English word in all their conversations and the yoruba is as ancient as the days of Afonja himself. Then there was my wife's grandpa's church where we had 3 nights of vigil while sleeping on the bare floor before and after the program. At first I couldn't believe I'll sleep on the floor then it downed in on me that this is it, either adapt or get in your car and drive back home. Losing your wife and her parent's love in the process. That is something I could not afford so I adapted. The second night was better, I had gotten used to sleeping on the floor. It's funny how we easily adapt to situations even when we are not comfortable with it. Then there was Jan 1 that came with severe harmattan, but that didn't stop the celebration at my wife's grandparent's house. Lots of people arrived so early that their noise woke us up as early as 7am in a cold morning. They had killed a goat and were preparing a big pot of rice. I had to ask myself if there was something else they were celebrating. I didn't know people can celebrate a new year so glamorously like that! At 10am, pounded yam was ready, rice was ready, Amala was ready, goat meat pepper soup was ready! And then there was the knock on our door every minute asking if we are ready to eat again! Jesus! It's just a new year for Christ sake! There will be another one and another one! When I reflect on all those trips now, I realise that Nigeria is one big country of different people of different characters. Travel to the East and you'll see that their ways are totally different from that of the west. Maybe that is why we have so much tribalism issues but whatever it is, I can't wait to go on another road trip soon. You're welcome to join.

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