Revealed: Movie Depicts Events Around 2006 Sosoliso Plane Crash


Nollywood has finally done a movie whose story is laced around the ill fated plane crash, that had school children on board in the year 2006. Looks like the movie may be indirectly releasing some details not clear to the public about the incident. You may need to find out for yourself but here's the movie plot. THE STORY The movie revolves around the lives of Mokesioluwa and Bolutito, who are fantasies of each other and the picture perfect world of music and advertising. The instant infatuation that develops between them, climaxes at the venue of a music competition designed to campaign for individualistic national rebirth. Their love grows but then, a series of heart rending, cataclysmic events occur, including the disappearance from radar, of a passenger aircraft conveying scores of school children and the reappearance of a supposedly dead lover. How true or rather, innocent is love? Find out! This is the link to the movie

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