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GET IT RIGHT: “WE THE PEOPLE” ARE THE OWNERS, POLITICIANS ARE THE HIRED MANAGERS The Constitutional Force Majeure, an ORDERLY process, activated by NINAS (alliance of Middle Belt and South) has awakened the sleeping people to reality. Now we are conscious that “we the people” are the Owners, and politicians are our hired Managers. As Owners, “we the people” decide for ourselves and have self-determination. As Owners, “we the people” tell politicians - our hired Managers, what we want them to do. That is how it is done in those Western countries where our politicians like to send their children for education, then after that stay there to get a job, plus where they all go for medical treatment. The 1999 Constitution which political parties and politicians use against us to keep us down, and Nigeria backwards was NEVER made or agreed by “we the people” so we should not accept it any more. It is a forgery, it is illegitimate, it is IMPOSED on us and we are not slaves to be bound down by what “we the people” never agreed to. Where in Europe or USA or Canada does such a thing happen? So why do politicians, our hired Managers think such an undemocratic and corrupt situation will continue? We are awake now! The 1999 Constitution is just a military decree under a new name and it is REPUDIATED! White people (a foreign minority) did the same thing in South Africa. They brought in and imposed a Constitution that was Apartheid and that took away the assets, natural resources and rights of Black people. Whites there used the Apartheid Constitution to enslave Black people. The Black people there could NEVER have made or agreed a Constitution that enslaved and entrapped them! One day they said enough is enough and Repudiated their Apartheid Constitution. We know the rest of the story. Lawyers Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela, plus Christian leader Rev Desmond Tutu were key in decommissioning the Apartheid Constitution under President Frederik de Klerk, who was intelligent enough and truly educated, to understand that injustice against Black people cannot continue. South Africa is our example. “We the people” are awake now helped by the Constitutional Force Majeure activated on 16th December 2020. Like in South Africa, our own illegitimate 1999 Constitution must go down. We are telling our political parties and politicians we shall not remain captives under such a Constitution that we never made. “We the people” are the Owners, they are the hired Managers. “We the people” are the Owners, politicians are the hired Managers! “We the people” are the Owners, politicians are the hired Managers! “We the people” are the Owners, politicians are the hired Managers! “We the people” are the Owners, politicians are the hired Managers! Several petitions will be coming regarding taking down this imposed illegitimate 1999 Constitution by Constitutional Force Majeure. Let’s sign them ALL! There’s one here: For information and updates, please go to www. freedomfromnigeria. com Please share this information and this message widely, to our people at home and abroad.

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