Till It Comes


"We still have a bit before the journey gets tough", I'd say that to you then you'd scold me, being alive It's a cruel joke in and of itself, everyone knows this so much it's disgusting. There's something I'd love to show you someday, the depths of the empty spirit I opened up to you, and the pain that remains even after the tears stops flowing, so I'll keep on walking on my journey without a correct answer, even though my eyes are blinded by tears from losing something I can't get back. I want to believe that's there's a paradise we can both reach, where the both of us can smile once again, so please rest within the knowledge that I've smiled up till now. You told me not to fix mistakes with mistakes, or dry tears with tears. even though I'm frozen in this world, like a deer in headlights, I can hear every inch of my being, screaming within my split soul, that I'm not alone.

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