Advise Mee!! Is This Gift A Trojan Horse, Genuine Or A Scam???


Hi guys, The said UK woman first send me a friend request on Facebook and chatted me up not long after I accepted her request. She started asking about my profile photo and want to know if I am really the one on the photo. She then started complimenting how handsome and good looking I am on the photo. After she repeatedly emphasize about my good looking, I decided to view her profile photo and photo gallery too. I then told her how good looking she is too (oboy na so the woman wan full my phone memory with plenty of her photos wey she sent them to me). To be honest, the lady on the photo is really hot!!! After we chatted for some time, she then said that I am a kind person that she really want to know me more. She then started by telling me about herself and the cooperation she work in, qualification and even the school she finished from. "NOTE, I was very honest to her when I told her that I just graduated from the University and and don't have a job yet". She then inquired if I have an apple laptop or iPhone for us to make video call, which I then decline the video call (for security reasons, though I didn't tell her that) telling her I don't have any apple products but told her I will let her know when I am ready to make video call with her (this is to enable me get to know her better if really she is even a person). She then asked me why I don't have an apple laptop or IPhone, I told her they are expensive here and I can't afford it. To cut the story short, she promised to buy an apple laptop and Iphone today and send it to me here in Nigeria and even promised to snap and send me photos of the gifts when she buys them. Honestly, I am very happy, nervous and skeptical at the time. I am happy because I always wanted to own an apple laptop and phone and here is one coming for free. Nervous in the sense that nobody has ever given me any material gifts that expensive. Accepting, the gifts from her may start another phase of my life that I am not sure if I am ready for it. I am been Skeptical because, it may just be a scammer trying to play me (but I already told the person I don't even have a job). I also doubt if the woman (that is if she even a real person) will send it considering the fact we have not discussed anything relationship. She just want to send the apple products to enable us make the video call. Please, I need advice on what step to take next and I will like to know if collecting the gift will be a wise choice. I would like to know if it a scam and someone has experienced it before... Thank you as you sincerely contribute without any insult or name-calling. NOTE: She asked for my delivery address this evening but I have not reply her yet.

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