The Crypto Currency Race Is Real. Many Nigerians Becoming Millionaires Daily

source: drcglobal

Cryptocurrency has been one of the most discussed topics in 2020, as an alternate investment option from the stock market. This indicates there is a lot of benefits/earnings to be made from this market that many people are just discovering. However, while the trends might want to make you join the crypto train, you must take your time and do proper research before venturing into it. Anyone can decide to trade crypto today but what differentiates one trader from the other lies in the knowledge. I personally present to you DRC (Digital Reserve Currency) which I now believe is one of the most transparent token of the year. You will not regret making this your 2021 investment. Here are some points about the tokenomics of $DRC * All tokens were made public at the start, no private sales or seed sale. * No coin was minting or premined, so all 1billion supply is all there will ever be. * Every token is indivisible which makes DRC wallet count more significant when compared to other coins in our field which can have wallets with .0000001 coins. Every wallet (holder) has at least 1 DRC. * No tokens were set aside at launch specifically just for the team/foundation fund. * All of the funds in the foundation wallet are donations from the community. A pretty neat NFT created recently is used to raise funds. Project is community driven, and not own by a central body but decentralized. - You can buy from Uniswap or through the site at Telegram: drcafrica Website: ... This is not a scam, am sharing because am benefiting from it. Go do your research about DRC to avoid doubt.

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