People No Get Job For This Country O!


I went to do one transaction in a bank and this young lady came to collect dollars sent to her from abroad. The process demands that you tell them what you do for a living. When they asked her, she said; I'm self employed. The guy asked her; what kind of self employment? She said she's just self employed. The guy said she has to be specific, whether buying and selling, or services, etc! She still insisted she's self employed. She later asked if it was that compulsory. The guy said yes and she was like; I don't know what else to tell you o. The guy moved closer to her and told her to just choose something. I really don't blame her. It is the situation of the country. A lot of guys and ladies btwn 30-45 are jobless and have no business. Some just sit at home doing nothing and depending solely on family, either in Naija or abroad. God go help us!

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