Incest Legality Around The World


The legality of incest varies from country to country. In some countries, incest is punishable by the death penalty, such as in Brunei, Iran, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, the United Arab Emirates, and Sudan (if same-sex relations). In Afghanistan, incest between consenting adults results in the death penalty in Taliban-controlled territories. In Italy, incest is only illegal if it provokes public scandal. In this case, it can be punishable from two to eight years in jail. Twenty-two countries around the world have not criminalized incest. In Spain and Russia, consensual incest is fully legal; however, people who are related as siblings, half-siblings, a stepparent, and a stepchild may not marry. Incest is also not strictly prohibited under Portuguese law. Additionally, no laws prohibit consenting relatives from having sexual relations in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The people of the Netherlands are allowed to engage in incest as well but cannot get married. In Greece, incest is illegal for adults, but there is no law prohibiting minors from engaging in incest. In Serbia, Slovenia, and Lithuania, incest is illegal as long as both persons are over 18. In Serbia and Slovenia, incest is illegal if one or both of the person is an underage relative by blood or an underage sibling. In Israel, incest is legal if both persons are over 21 years old. It is illegal if one or both of the persons is an underage relative by blood or adoption. Incest is also legal in Argentina, Brazil, India, the Ivory Coast, Japan, Latvia, South Korea, Thailand, and Turkey. ¶Stëllår

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