Reno Omokri Blast Eastern Governors


Reno Omokri Blast Eastern Governors Reno Omokri have reacted to the alleged Nigeria military's invasion in Orlu which was reported to have been an attack to wipe out the hideout of Eastern Security Network which was formed by the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Reno while reacting to the incident, blasted the Eastern Governors for always turning their backs on their people when they needed them most. Recalled that the five Eastern Governors have been heavily criticized by their people for betrayal and their inability to defend their rights like northern governors always do for their people. He also linked the incident to the earlier ethnic clash between the Yoruba and Hausa in Sasa which resulted in many casualties that prompted the northern governors to quickly visit Oyo State to demand for justice on all affected northerns in the clash. He was surprised that Eastern Governors kept mute and never visited the affected the victims of those military attack in Orlu in solidarity to show their support while demanding for justice for them. He wrote on his Twitter handle saying; "There were ethnic clashes between the Yoruba and Hausa in Sasa. in less than 48 hours, 4 Northern Governors went to Oyo to pressure Oyo’s government to give Northerners justice. 96 hours after Orlu’s invasion, how many SE leaders have visited Orlu in solidarity.

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