Do The Nigerian Government Care That People Are.suffer Or Are They Just Wicked


As a proud Nigerian by country will always be my first priority. I love the diversity and uniqueness of this great country but it's no secret that Nigerians are suffering especially in this covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people especially private teachers are struggling to feed. In any part of the world a government primary duty is to take care of their citizens but in Nigerians is a different story, during the height of the first wave of the cornavirus, the government order the entire state on lockdown which is fairly reasonable, if people are at home and not moving, the virus wouldn't be able to spread but one important detail wasn't discuss with care before the bill was passed. what will Nigerians eat? well the government seem to have a plan for that, share palliatives but how many of you can say you received any palliatives, I can boldly say I didn't spite leaving in a rural area, it wasn't until the End sars movement that Nigerians discovered that it had been looted. PURE SHAME. another example is that the government is now seeking to tax Nigerians even money and "borrow" money from account. if any of you know any thing about the French revolution of 5 May 1789 – 9 Nov 1799, of all the many things i have read about history, this happens to be my favorite. what to know why. its because it perfectly describes the saying"A hungry man is an angry man" the Nigerian government is trying to jail anyone who tries to speak against their cruel treatmen but how long will this unjust treatment last. I say not for long, if they is one thing this end sars protest has shown many Nigerians is that they out number their opposers"a million to 1" the government is trying to bring another lockdown with no thought of how the people will survive, now tell me how many people do you think will wait to die alone..NOBODY. people are getting tried of this government and a time is coming when Nigerians will repeat history (5 May 1789 – 9 Nov 1799) please am not saying only the government is bad and corrupt. next time I will be writing on how Nigerians are a bigger problem than the government This country is bad and many people have just accepted it that way. It's honestly pains me that a country so great it was called the THE GIANT OF AFRICA has reduced to THE POVERTY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD note:all opinions and views are widely accepted and criticisms should be given in a constructive and polite way

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