Why Summarizing Your Lecture Note Is Boring Yet Very Important

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Summarizing lecture note can be boring but yet necessary in the sense that it help you stay in tune with your everyday lecture as well as help you during your study time. It also helps you refresh your memory on past topics. Forming the habit of note taking during lecture also serves as a reminder to what your lecturers said or how a particular question was answered. It is during lecture that some lecturers tend to leak out some secrets on how they expect their students to answer their examination questions. This is another reason why as an undergraduate student you should never miss out on any lecture except in a situation where you cannot help it but to be absent. Get good at writing up your lecture notes and you’re far more likely to do well in your exams, quizzes and your essays. And who doesn’t want to succeed in school? The sooner you can learn how to take lecture notes properly, the more good habits you’ll form and the better your overall academic success will be. THE IMPORTANCE OF ATTENDING LECTURES As a student attending lectures is very important because most of the times all you need to know about a particular topic is just to be in attendance. When you are present in a lecture, it gives you the opportunity to ask any question pertaining the topic or course of discuss in order to gain clarity. There are lots of good things attached to attending lectures; it gives you ideas on how to form undergraduate project topics; assignment topics; improve the ease of understanding of your courses and other related subjects. Most of the times, especially when you pay keen interest in a lecture, you may not necessarily have to read your lecture notes over and over again to comprehend and retain. This is because it has been explained in clear terms during the lecture and you may have asked questions which answers have been provided. As a matter of fact, in most cases the answers given to questions students ask in a lecture sticks almost forever in their memory and they can answer them whenever they are asked or come across such questions in examinations. There are lots of benefits in attending lectures as a student. In as much as reading/studying after lectures is good, but it will do you more good if you attend lectures because nothing beats having firsthand information rather than the one you heard from someone else. You may think you can collect lecture notes from your colleagues but not all students get to capture or note down the important information during lectures. But if you were to be in attendance, you can note down all that needs to be written down for own good and to be used as a study material. WHY YOU TAKE NOTES DURING LECTURES Some undergraduate students do not understand the reason why they should take notes during lectures reason why they don’t take lectures seriously or see it as a waste of time. Lecture notes will serve you while studying that is, you can go through your lecture note, read, understand more and retain as well. It will also help you identify areas you do not understand so you can ask in the next lecture so as to gain more clarity. In some cases, it will challenge you to do more research on your own without necessarily asking your lecturer. WHY SUMMARIZING YOUR LECTURE NOTE IS IMPORTANT Summarizing lecture note is advised while studying. This is because it will help you get the real idea of what the topic is all about. There are some topics that have ambiguous notes and reading such topics during study time can be boring and uninteresting. So in order to make it an interesting one and also easy to read and understand, you can simply summarize the note that way you can easily get the main point of the discourse. Conclusively, it is good for students to inculcate the habit of writing lecture note. Get good at writing up your lecture notes and you’re far more likely to do well in your exams, quizzes and your essays. Because the sooner you can learn how to take lecture notes properly, the more good habits you’ll form and the better your overall academic success will be.

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