Press Statement On The Closure Of Nigerian Schools By Fg


NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN STUDENTS (NANS) JOINT CAMPUS COMMITTEE LAGOS AXIS 12/1/2021 PRESS STATEMENT ON THE CLOSURE OF NIGERIAN SCHOOLS BY FG It is sad that in a society where development and growth should be the core desire, it chooses to derail and nullify the values of development. Education is a key factor to nation building especially for countries which desire the best for its people not a like nigeria which bastardized the relevance of education in the various spheres most especially in our tertiary institution system. From untenable ASUU STRIKES to scrupolous increment in fees to unreasonable closure of schools across the country. It is sad to hear that our government has again chosen to shutdown schools again all in the name of curbing covid-19 and still yet market places, religious bodies and other unstructured institution are opened and have truly show that the government is misplacing her priorities. We make to say that we kick against the said closure of institutions of learning even after many has been at home as a result of 9 months of Covid 19 Pandemic and ASUU Strike. This are young adults above the age of 16 who can actually adhere to instructions and coordinate themselves as long as institutions management can put appropriate measure in place in schools which it is expected for them to have down long before now! So why lockdown schools again!? Students spending 3years in a particular academic year is catastrophic and demonic in nature and a show of the incapability of the incubement government for lack of empathy on the educational journey of Nigerian Students. We however, urge the federal government to let the January 18th resumption date to stand and dialogue with stakeholders in the education sector in order to provide a safe environment for students and staffs which include the use of both physical and online methods of learning, rearrangement of time table, and providing necessary materials such as sanitizer and face masks among others. Signed: Comrade Ogunsanya Rasheed Chairman Comrade Akindele David General Secretary Comrade Agboola Oluwasegun

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