My Mum Is Threatening To Leave Her Marriage.

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I want to remain anonymous. My name is Peace not real names though,I am 28 years old.I have three younger siblings. My Dad and my Mum have been married since the past 31 years. This is my story,all the years I grew up,I have always known my dad to be a nice and decent man. Trouble started three weeks ago,when my mum received a call from an unknown caller,asking if she knew a certain man, she said yes, the caller then requested her presence at the police station. My mum said that when she got to the station,she saw my dad and some other people there,she said her mind fled,that something terrible had happened. She enquired what the problem was,the police people told her,that my father was caught trying to sleep with a married women,that the man caught him in the act. She said she was introduced to the people present,she then asked to get the full details of what happened.She said the woman's husband narrated the following story. That my father has been a friend for many years and he visits even when he is not around ,that his wife tells him everything that happens in his absence. That recently, the wife told him that my father had been making sexual advances at her,even to the extent of telling her that he is ready to pay any amount to have his way. That when the wife brought to him knowledge of what my dad has been doing and saying to the her,that he was not only shocked,but almost didnt believe her, but he asked the wife to play along so that my father will be caught. He said his wife had tried severally to stop my dad's from his randy behavior towards her,to no avail,till they planned and they booked for a room in a hotel, and hidden cameras were planted. That the D-day came,that my dad drove the wife to the booked hotel room,that before then,he had asked the wife to play along as if she has agreed to his requests.That when they got to the room,that my dad was busy patting her Bum,so she played along,that as soon as my dad stripped himself,the people who were hidding,came out,that that was when it dawned on father that it was a set up. He said that he emerged from somewhere ,the shame and disbelieve didn't allow my father to look at him in the eyes.At that point,that my father started pleading that he would do anything to settle the case amicably without public knowledge, so at that point,he listed the things that my father must buy,so that there will be peace,that when my father eventually got those things,he took it to the police station as evidence. The man said that he concluded with the wife,and also his pastor,that he must return the things that my father bought,to his wife,to enable her know the kind of things my father do outside,hence her invitation to the station. My mum said at that point,her heart sank,that shame and disgrace overwhelmed her,and she started crying, and that she took courage carried all the things my father bought and left the station. Now at home,my father has been pleading that she should forgive and forget,but she is insisting that she is tired of the his randy behaviors and doesn't want to be married to him again. I am short of words ,I don't know exactly what to tell her,I need your assistance.

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