Formula For A Lasting Relationship


Formula for a happy relationship Buy something for her on her birthday Feed her when she's around Kiss her Everytime Let her do the things you've done Provide her with enough experiences Take her out, Write it out so you don't forget e.g: Fela house Viva Cinema Alaba international Trying weed Traveling to Ilorin, jos etc Buy her the small fan, buy her power bank Teach her your habits. Cook for her Tell her your experiences so she learns from them. Be faithful to her Teach her how to save Play with her it's not Everytime you will be serious Dance with her Play songs on musixmatch and read the lyrics together with her Give her all the books you've read Don't ever lie to her. Even if the truth is embarrassing say it Don't try to be God or perfect in her eyes Cry and be a child to her Call her mommy, mama and tell her you love her Don't give birth to more than two children So that the money for raising them will not affect or cause disagreement Get a farm no matter how small in the bush Every weekend go there with your family and be one with nature. Get her a camera so that you record every single moment with her If she laughs snap it, if she frowns snap it It will something to talk about later Ask her if she's done all the necessary things NIN, voters card, Lasra, do it with her Queue with her and crack jokes when you're with her She might not know about it, educate her Argue sometimes but end all argument with I love you Play with her body, press her breast, suck it kiss it and act like a child, talk rubbish sometimes even For life is just too simple Kiss her and look into her eyes Count the spot and pimples on her face and memorize them. Know all her scars and the stories behind them Get a pet it might be a dog, rabbit, or cat something to calm you down and make you laugh Try new food recipes on youtube together Think of her whenever you are buying something for yourself if it is good for you, then it will be good for her too Don't be stingy, share everything you have Practice Minimalist living dispose anything that has stayed more than 3 months without usage Share everything you have with her. And you will have been in love with love and with life From a Zen Buddhist . Life is love.

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