How To Make Double Your Capital In 6 Months From Red Palm Oil Business


Do you know you can make cool cash from the buying and selling of palm oil? Its usually cheap around march to April and gets expensive from September to January. December especially. To make profit from palm oil business, buy when its cheapest and sell when its most expensive. All that is within the space of 8 months. Palm oil is called 'epo pupa' in Yoruba and called 'manja' in Hausa Language. It has a long history of origin and health benefits. Palm oil makes up nearly 60% of edible oils consumed globally. Apart from being a well-liked ingredient in African food (especially soups, stews and pottage), vegetable oil has one among the foremost versatile uses of any plant material. The global vegetable oil market is worth many many dollars per annum . Although West Africa lies within the center of the world’s feather palm belt, it produces but 5 percent of the vegetable oil consumed worldwide. Malaysia and Indonesia became the dominant powers in vegetable oil production and presently supply quite 70 percent of the vegetable oil consumed worldwide. Currently, no African country , except Cote D’Ivoire, produces enough vegetable oil to satisfy the demand of its local market. So, the demand is high. Join the business train.

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